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Invested in Long Term Relationships

Invested in Long Term Relationships

Executive Management

Francis H. Curren III

Owner & President

Francis H. Curren, III has worked full time at Pease & Curren, Inc., since 1980. He began his career in the assay lab then moved into the incineration area where he became interested in combustion engineering. His efforts in that area included designing, engineering and installing incineration equipment which has allowed Pease & Curren to return high quality value to their customers.

Mr. Curren holds a BA from Boston College, an MFA from Columbia University New York City and an OPM certificate in General Management from Harvard Business School. He proudly serves in the tradition of the company founders: his grandfather Frances H. Curren, Sr. and his father Frances H. Curren, Jr. who was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and who fought in the Pacific during WWII. He returned as an Executive officer on the USS Midway during the Korean War. Mr. Curren’s charitable interests lie in the Big Brother Program, where he was the big brother to three fatherless boys in Boston, New York City and RI. He served for twenty years on the Board of Directors.

While still active in the management of Pease & Curren, his outside interests are in tennis, squash and yacht racing. He is the holder of the Lighthouse Trophy and Overall Winner of the 1984 Newport to Bermuda yacht race. He resides in RI with his wife of 35 years, Janet, who owns and operates two retail jewelry stores in Newport RI. His son, Frank, practices law in Boston. His daughter, Laura is a clinical researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at Mass General Hospital in Boston.

Scott Girouard

North American Sales Manager

Mr. Scott Girouard is the North American Sales Manager for Pease & Curren Refiners. Scott’s metal product knowledge includes everything from carbon steel to precious metals. He regularly performs precious metals facility audits, saving our customers both money and time. Scott is familiar with OSHA guidelines and has overseen inspections recommending corrective measures. He is proactive and uses a consultative approach in his communications with customers and prospects. He takes pride in being of value to his clients not just selling them.

Scott Girouard was most recently a Regional Refining Consultant for Pease & Curren.  He was promoted in January of 2017. Pease & Curren employees participate in a rigorous training on all company services which includes the true fire assay and Premium Stone Removal processes used at Pease & Curren. True fire assay remains the most accurate technique for gold assay and serves as the standard technique against which all others are compared.